2019 F3Nation IronPax Challenge


Who: Any and all Pax across F3Nation
When: September
Where: Any and all regions across F3Nation
What: F3Nation-wide competition to determine 2019 IronPax


It’s back.  Who is the strongest, fastest, most well-rounded pax across F3Nation?

 The IronPaxChallenge will hopefully serve to answer this question.  Each Sunday (9/1, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22) during September, a new workout will be announced on Twitter – @F3IronPax – that is to be completed during the following week.  (Written instructions as well as a video will be provided to eliminate any potential inconsistencies/misunderstandings).  

After completing the workout, the pax will enter his score at F3Greenwood.com where a weekly ranking and overall ranking leaderboard will be displayed.  At the end of September, after 4 weeks of workouts have been completed, the Pax with the highest cumulative score will be named the 2019 F3Nation IronPax and will be showered with accolades.  Can Bob the Builder defend his inaugural title?  

NEW FOR 2019

We will also be naming a 2019 IronPax Region.  So not only will your score count on an individual basis, but you will also be helping your region vie for the title.  That said, participation is critical from as many Pax as possible.  So, start the EH process now and get folks registered.  Last year, 500+ PAX participated and we would like to see that number jump considerably.


Each weekly workout will have the ability to be scored either on the basis of time to complete or number of reps accumulated during a specific amount of time.  All scoring will be done on the honor system.  Official “judges” or “scorekeepers” will not be required but are encouraged for accountability of accurate timing, proper rep form and proper rep count. Scores for registered pax will be submitted each week here:
IronPax Scoring Form


@F3Greenwood or @F3IronPax

Mr. Chow (QIC)


11 HIMs took a “gamble” and posted in the gloom for Chow Time. You can “bet” they didn’t expect what was coming, but we kept it “rolling” along. I knew the could “bear” it. Ok enough puns, here is the PAX and the Thang.








Cat daddy



Mr. Chow (QIC)


Warm up – 20xSSH CC and an Arm Circuit (little baby arm circles, reverse arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps, and cherry pickers) x 15 in CC.        We were off on a mosey to the gazebo with my little bag of tricks.



Mr. Chow reached in his bag of tricks and pulled out a bright yellow set of work out dice. Let’s get rollin’

30 squats

90 seconds of LBC

20 Merkins

60 seconds of Walking Lunges

20 Carolina dry docks

20 SSH

Mosey to the court house parking lot

Mr. Chow introduced a single hex dice loaded with fun activities. Let’s keep it rollin’

First roll was a water break. We don’t need water, we will do up downs until blue is no longer tired or thirsty!!!

10-up downs(PAX had flashbacks to football days)

25-Freddie Mercury’s

1 minute plank

No time for breaks, mosey to the church parking lot where the PAX was greeted to a list of fun workouts and a pair of dice. This is where memory gets a little fuzzy. I blame lack of oxygen! PAX each took turns placing bets 10-20 for reps and tested their luck.

There were merkins, a lot of mountain climbers, squats and about 4749294728 burpees. Bonus prize for doubles (parking lot sprint). The Q must confess, he may or may not have researched number odds and placed burpees on the hot number!!!

Mosey back to glory but we were far from done

BEARmuda triangle

3 cones 3 exercises 10 reps 3 rounds

1st round-bear crawl to each cone (RBC, hammers, bayside strollers

2nd round-walking lunges (same exercises)

3rd round-bear crawl (same exercise)

We finished with bunny hops (some mumble chatter about sand spurs or some pansy crap!!!)

Just enough time left for a round of Mary’s reps 10-20. One insane HIM called 20 big boys in CC but the PAX quickly vetoed that nonsense 11 to 1 for OYO.

The word-Colossians 3:15. Remember to be thankful in times of stress. 

Date: 5/7/2019

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Sparty, Bluegrass, Hose, Decaf, Fieri, Omaha, Mr. Chow, Iceman, CatDaddy, Hardback (a.k.a. Soft Batch), Flipper, Airball, Vega, Tater, Chainsaw, Altar Boy, Abraham

Conditions: Kinda nice. Low 60s, a little humid, but not bad.

The Q took his life into his own hands this morning. Pulled up to our A.O. knowing what was to come and there stood Mr. Chow – hates running and anyone who says “Let’s mosey.” There stood Vega, who is normally not in a great mood at 5:20 AM, but who really turns sour when the Q says, “Let’s mosey.” There stood some of our other big, beefy PAX, all of whom can run, none of whom want to. They become, let’s say, borderline homicidal, when told to put one foot in front of the other.

Too late to dream up another workout now. So, YHC got out of the truck, welcomed the PAX, did the disclaimer, skipped any and all warm up exercises, and went straight for the jugular. “Let’s mosey,” said the Q.

We ran down Boyce in the direction of Manning High (foreshadowing literary device) and stopped at Southern Lakes Physical Therapy. We did some of the usual warm up stuff here but kept it to a minimum. Manning High is a long way from our A.O. (play ominous music in the background).

Moseyed some more and formed up again in the Sonic driveway. The PAX were introduced to Flying Squirrels, which are quick burpee-like thingys. We did 10 OYO and took off again for Manning High (that jazzy downbeat they used in Law & Order would be good here).

Once there the Q asked Iceman to lead us to the pull-up bars over by the tennis courts. Iceman made the mistake during Saturday’s workout of pointing the pull-up bars out to YHC. On a personal note; I suck at pull ups. I’m terrible at them. I asked one of my sons one time how to get better and he said the obivious, “You just gotta do more.” We don’t do many around here because we don’t have access to pull-up bars anywhere near. So, when Iceman showed them to me, I was all in for some pull-ups. The fact that they were more than a mile from our A.O. YHC considered only a slight annoyance. Pretty sure my beefy brethren considered the annoyance a little more than slight.

Anyway, here’s what we did at the very nice three (3!) sets of pull-up bars.

5 pull-ups

10 Big Boy sit-ups

20 squats

Repeat X 5

Totals: 25 pull-ups, 50 sit-ups, 100 squats.

Next, we went over to the stadium for a Jacob’s Ladder on the stadium steps. It’s a tall stadium. Lots of steps. Nice. This was inspired by Airball’s beatdown on Saturday. Hey, what YHC lacks in creativity he makes up for in cruelty. #angrypreacher

Run to the top – 10 triceps dips

Run to the bottom – 1 lunge (counting right leg only)

Continue the ladder subtracting one dip at the top and adding one lunge at the bottom until done. Nobody got done. Ran out of time. Most were about halfway through the ladder when time was called.

Moseyed back to glory, stopping at Big T for a few more Flying Squirrels



The running made this a hard workout. Some PAX have a motor and can run and run and run and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Decaf, Omaha, Airball, and a few others. Hardback cruises along at a good clip, talking the whole time of course, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Most of the rest of us aren’t like that though. I’m not a natural runner. Not at all! Some of our PAX really, really hate it. So why do it? Because it’s hard! The HIM does not shy away from the hard thing. (Vega – don’t. Don’t say it) We embrace it and, if we don’t conquer it, we at least don’t let it beat us.

Our workout this morning was designed to remind us that we need to keep accelerating as men, leading and fighting for what is good and true. This is important because evil seems to be accelerating these days. There seems to be one horrific act of evil after another. We can hardly keep up. The shootings in Christ Church, New Zealand, the bombings in Sri Lanka, the synagogue shootings in San Diego. Evil is accelerating. The good men must keep accelerating too. But remember, “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). God will prevail.

Bluegrass lead us out with a great prayer. The man can pray.



Date: 3/26/2019

Q.I.C. : Airball

The Pax :  Catdaddy, Decaf, Iceman, Cold Call, Chainsaw, Hardback, Flipper, Tater, Hose, Bluegrass, Abraham, Airball

Conditions : Temp. in the high 30s, no wind, and clear skies. Great morning for a bootcamp.


SSH x 20 IC (even though the Q forgot to say IC prior to starting)

Hillibillies x 15 IC

Squats x 15 IC

Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

LBC x 15 IC

RBC x 15 IC

The Thang

YHC began by explaining the bootcamp would be a special one, as we’d be joining several other PAX participating in #F3MentalBattle. Mental battle would be a focus on the mental health of all men. Each man carries a weight with him, however it’s not always noticeable. Many times men are unwilling to share the struggles their dealing with. In honor of the men carrying unseen weights we’ll do the entire workout today with a coupons. The PAX is instructed to grab two bricks (one for each hand) from the back of YHC’s truck.

With coupons in hand we Mosey to the other side of the church to the parking lot

Brick Burners– (The PAX would do 1 Berkin (Merkin with bricks in each hand), run to the other side of parking lot, 11 Big Boy Sit Ups with Coupons). Berkins would increase until 11 reps, Big Boys would decrease to 1. Mid-way through this mumble chatter started Chainsaw was questioning exactly the cause of the pain in his shoulders.

Lt. Dan-  from one end of the parking lot to the other. Mumble chatter about the length of YHC’s legs. Sounded like some jealousy from the vertically challenged in the Pax.

Mosey to the cones back near Glory.

Brickbarrows (wheelbarrow with bricks) The Pax was instructed to pair up for this exercise (probably should’ve warned Hose to pick someone of similar size, as he grabbed Bluegrass for his partner). Brickbarrowed from one cone to the other (roughly 20-25 yards) then switched with partner to brickbarrow back the same distance. Everyone thought their shoulders were done, but YHC had one more shoulder exercise to go.

Twin Towers of Trust– The Pax was instructed to line up facing each other (6 on each side), each man about 3 feet from the other. The Pax would raise their bricks to eye level, while each man would bear crawl through the line, trusting each member would not drop their bricks (thankfully no one dropped their brick)

Back to Glory to circle up for a quick two Mary exercises

Crutches x 15 IC

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Called an end to the exercises at 6:10am to allow extra time for C.O.T./W.O.D.

Instructed Pax to return bricks to the back of my truck. Catdaddy was excited to hear and Hardback wanted to throw the bricks through the back window, fortunately his shoulders were smoked.

Began C.O.T. by first explaining the importance of C.O.T. Talked briefly about C.O.T. being a place that the Pax could share anything, knowing that information stays within the Pax. Sharing would allow the Pax to pray or share similar experiences they’ve had.

Gave a brief summary of the podcast that Abraham shared with the Pax on GroupMe. A story told within that podcast spoke about a young man who was in high school. Each day before leaving school, he’d clear out everything from his locker. He was ridiculed for doing this, some even went as far as to knock his books from his arms. One person decided to come along beside, helped him pick up the books, and carry them home. The two became good friends. The young man who was ridiculed went on to become the class valedictorian and king of the Senior Prom. During his speech at his high school graduation he thanked his best friend for saving his life. That young man had cleaned his locker out years ago, because planned to take his own life. The act of kindness shown by a then stranger prevented him for doing this. YHC encouraged everyone to show acts of kindness when possible. You never know what it may mean for someone carrying a burden.

Spoke briefly about suicide and how many times we think that happens other places. Then I shared 3 obituaries of men from our area who decided to end their lives (one as resent as two weeks ago). Read a portion of his obituary, reading his accomplishments on the surface you’d never know he was struggling. He seemed to be someone who had his life together.

I talked about what I believe to be the one scripture taking out of context most often. The God will never put more on us, than we can handle. Throughout the Bible you find examples of people who need help from others. Beginning with creation, when God decided it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. Therefore he created Eve to be his helpmate. We all need help at some point, it’s why God gave us the Holy Spirit to help guide our lives. We are not capable of handling all situations on our own. It’s okay to ask for help.

Shared with Pax that just last week I was struggling with an issue. I had an opportunity to share with Abraham privately. The two of us didn’t solve the issue I was dealing with, however I did learn he’d been through almost the exact same problem years before. Just sharing  with him (getting it of my chest) and knowing someone else had a similar issue gave me peace. Encouraged the Pax to do the same and share with someone, if their uncomfortable sharing with the entire group.

Closed by telling everyone that while I’m not someone who could solve all problems, I was someone who could help “pick up books” like the young man in the podcast. Reminded everyone that Abraham would be able to council anyone as needed. Hardback also shared he’d be glad to sit down for coffee, coke, or a beer (Abraham argued that was unfair, because everyone would go to Hardback for the beer).

I shared the following to scriptures:

Luke 21:34 – Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap.

Romans 8:6 – The mind governed by flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

Following the scripture was prayer and pledge.

Richard Sniff (you just had to be there)

October 31, 2018 (HALLOWEEN!!)



Date: October 30, 2018

QIC: Mr. Chow

The PAX: Airball, Hose, Iceman, Catdaddy, Buttermaker, Lil Bit, Primetime (FNG), Hardback (FNG), Bluegrass, Sniff, UGA, Pusher, VEGA, Fieri, Decaf

As the frozen season rapidly approaches, Mr. Chow grows angry (I HATE THE COLD).  After some “encouragement” from the PAX, we upped the workload to fight off the hibernation temptation. With two new FNGs, we went straight into battle.



SSH x 25


Grass Getters x  9 (Sometimes I forget how to count)


In Cadence

Curls for girls x 25

Skull Crushers x 25

Rock-n-Rows x 15 each side

Partner up for Hot Potatoes x 15


Time to grab our old friends, the tractor tires, and break into 4 groups.

5 tire flips down the road and 5 tire flips back with a burpee in between each flip.


Mr. Chow doesn’t like Moseying and the PAX reminds him DAILY, so we set up corners on the city block.

3 laps around the block, stopping at each corner do 10 reps of merkins, 10 reps of squats, 10 reps of dips, and 10 reps of lunges.


10 shoulder taps on the ground, climb the stairs, 10 Monkey Humpers at the top (CLOSE QUARTERS, NOT WEIRD AT ALL………) rinse and repeat 3 times.



We must be finished right……….SIKE!!!!!

6 minutes left to destroy our core.

10 Pickle Pounders

10 X-Marks

Not So Lazy boys 5 reps with 5 seconds at each position

20 LBC

10 Flutter kicks

10 RBC

10 American Hammers (Mr. Chow’s Favorite)


We talked about strength, giving our all, and never giving up in all areas of our life.

Isaiah 40:31-But those who hope in the lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not not be faint.


Mr. Chow

Triple the Fun

Date:   10/27/2018

Q.I.C.:  Airball

The PAX:  Iceman, Bluegrass, Hose, Sniff, Abraham, Vega, Buttermaker, Catdaddy, Decaf, Airball

Conditions:  50 degrees, slight wind, great weather for bootcamp

YHC was inspired earlier in the week by Abraham, when he decided to “ratchet up our workout a bit”. If we’re going to achieve such a goal, doing the same thing over and over again won’t work. I decided to search F3 nation website, looking through pages of exercises to find just what our PAX needed (Vega thinks I should make more loans and do less searching). My search lead me to some new exercises, that sure looked good on paper.

The Thang


30 SSH in cadence

Enough of that warm-up stuff, I had a PAX that was ready to start. In fact Decaf was so ready to go, he went from his truck directly to a 7 mile run. For the remainder of the PAX it was time to pair up for our first exercise.

LAZY DORAs (DORA exercise with no running)

100 Merkins as a team (P1 does 10 merkins, while P2 planks, alternating every 10 merkins until the team reaches 100 total)

200 LBCs as a team (P1 does 20 LBC, while P2 holds a 6 inches position, alternating every 20 LBCs until the team reaches 200 total)

300 Squats as a team (P1 does 25 squats, while P2 holds in a squat position, alternating every 25 until the team reaches 300 total)

Mosey to the soccer field

Triple Nickel (5 down & back sprints, 5 exercises at the completion of each sprint, 5 reps for each exercise)

Start in front of the soccer net, sprint (Vega had a nice laugh, everytime I said sprint) to the other end, preform 5 reps of each of the following movements: Carolina Dry Docks, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Box Cutters, Big Boy Sit-ups, Star Jumps; then sprint back to the other end of the field to do the same exercises again. That equaled 1, so we rinsed & repeated another 4 times. Sniff pointed out there was a large amount of grunting during this part of the morning. There was also some mumble chatter from the rest of the PAX as well.

Before leaving the soccer field we attempted a new ab exercise. Not sure we all got it right, in fact I would guess few of us did. Nonetheless we tried Squeaky Bed Rosilitas, which are Rosilitas with a crunch in the middle (1 count open legs, 2 count crunch, 3 count back down, 4 count close legs).

Mosey to the tennis courts

Bearpees (1:4 ratio of Burpees and Bear Crawl) full length of the two tennis courts and back

Lt Dan (1:4 ratio of Squats and Lunge walk) full length of the two tennis courts and back

Mosey to the Basketball courts, then back to Glory

Mary (everyone called one exercise, max rep of 10 count)


Finding Joy as we go through trails in our life. Everyone experiences trials at some point in their life. Trials test our faith and allow us to improve our perseverance, helping us to become mature and complete. Just as our bootcamps condition our bodies, trials condition us to become better. Scripture James 1:2-4, John 16:33

A beaten and battered group (not defeated, because we made it through the bootcamp) enjoyed in the 2nd F at the Corner Diner.



#Swampskeg at a Crossroads

Date: 10/23/18

Q.I.C.: Abraham

The PAX: Airball, Bluegrass, Decaf, Sniff, Pusher, Hi-test, Fieri, Cold Call, Buttermaker, Ice Man, Hose, Lil’ Bit, Cat Daddy, Abraham

Conditions: Pefect. About 50, low humidity, no wind

Does YHC really deserve the “Angry Preacher” moniker? Isn’t he just a warm fuzzy fur ball that loves the world and everything in it? A “come as you are” “everybody gets a trophy” kind of a guy???

(Speaking of which, did you hear Airball tell about getting a medal just for showing up at that race in Columbia on Saturday? What the heck! What kind of kindergarten event was that? Did you all get milk and cookies and a nap after the race, Airball? Good grief!)

Okay, maybe the Angry Preacher thing fits just a little.

The A.P. has not Q’ed a mid-week workout in quite awhile, so maybe there was some pent up rage. He decided to take it out on the PAX this morning. A Crossroads workout seemed like just the ticket for a little anger management. Here’s how it went down:

The Thang

No stretching this morning. (You want to stretch do it before 5:30.) Heck, we didn’t even warm up. We got after it right out of the box.

Circle of Pain


The Q called for 10 sit-ups, 15 toe-tap merkins, 20 roll ups, 25 Russian twist to begin the workout.

Slowzie (slow mosey) downtown to crossroads on Mill Street.

Crossroads workout explained.

Begin at intersection of Mill St. and Keitt St. beside Land law office. Run in any direction and do the following exercises at next intersection:

Crossroads 1st circuit

Keitt & Boundary 20 Catcher Squats

Back to crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Keitt & Brooks 20 Catcher Squats

Back to crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Boyce 20 Star Jumps

Back to crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Walker Tire 20 Star Jumps

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

10-15-20-25 sit-ups, toe-tap merkins, roll ups, Russian twist

Crossroads 2nd circuit

Keitt & Boundary 10 burpees

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Keitt & Brooks 10 burpees

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Boyce 20 diamond merkins

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Walker Tire 20 diamond merkins

Back at Crossroads 5 hand release merkins

10-15-20-25 sit-ups, toe-tap merkins, roll ups, Russian twist

Crossroads 3rd circuit

Keitt & Boundary 20 speed mountain climbers

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Keitt & Brooks 20 speed mountain climbers

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Boyce 20 speed SSHs

Back at crossroads 5 hand release merkins

Mill & Walker Tire 20 speed SSHs

Time (mercifully did not have time for another 10-15-20-25) Back to glory.


Announcements and prayer requests were made.YHC quoted Isaiah 6 in reference to disaster relief, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Lots of help still needed after Hurricanes Florence and Michael.


It was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. No, YHC is not angry, just wanted to ratchet our workouts up a bit. We have gotten better since we started but a true HIM should always be accelerating. To accelerate physically we have to keep pushing and challenging ourselves beyond what we are currently doing. If we don’t we become stagnant. So, we turned up the dial a little today, at least YHC hopes so.



Extreme Couponing: ALARM Edition – Thursday 10/18/2018

QIC: Mr. Chow

The Pax: Hose, Iceman, Omaha, CatDaddy, Buttermaker, Fieri, Lil Bit (FNG), Bare Back (FNG), High Test, Airball, Sparty, Decaf, Vega, Bluegrass

YHC gets angry when he misses beatdowns. The “plus” side to that is that he gets ample time to plan the pain to bring to the PAX.  I followed the COMM site(GROUP ME) and saw that Upper body and Core had been smoked in the days before.  So I decided to give the PAX a total body beat down.  Mr. Chow HATES running, but LOVES some coupons. Which brings us to the GLOOM……..


Warm Up

25 SSH

15 Merkins

Bat Wings + Moroccan  Night Clubs & Randys

15 Squats

10 Big Boys OYO (with mumble chatter from the CORE death the day before)

QUICK MOSEY TO THE ROCK PILE FOLLOWED BY A ROCK MOSEY TO THE BANK (we became very close to our coupon friends)

1st ALARM – 30 reps each and a brisk Lung walk across the parking lot with a stroll back

  • A- Curls for Girls
  • L-Goblet Squats
  • A-LBFC (not fun to do, but fun to watch)
  • R-RBCs
  • M-Mountain Climbers


2nd ALARM – AMRAP while partners JOHN CUSACKED across the parking lot

  • A-Skull Crushers
  • L-Lt. Dans
  • A-Plank
  • R-Randys
  • M-Monkey Humpers (NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT)


3rd ALARM – AMRAP while partners bear crawl across the parking lot and jog back (LOT OF MUMBLE CHATTER, SOMETHING ABOUT A “ROUGH” PARKING LOT #MANUP)

  • A-Wonder Bras
  • L-AL Gore w/coupon
  • A-Freddy Mercury
  • R-Rock-A-Bye Baby (BOY OH BOY….WHEW)
  • M-Mountain Merkins


20 American Hammers (wouldn’t be a Mr. Chow workout without them)


Plank Circuit

ONE FINAL RUN, INDIAN RUN TO BE EXACT, back to Glory. We just happened to catch a red light perfect enough for, you guessed it, a NASCAR finish. Boogity Boogity Boogity, lets go racing PAX.  We crossed the finish line with not a second wasted.

Overall 2.1 Coupon miles = a marathon (In my opinion). Nonetheless, the Q brought the pain, and the PAX responded like the manly men they are.


Mr. Chow spoke about the struggles that come with life. The message talked about how important the connection with our brothers is when it comes to not only leaning on each other for support in our workouts, but in lives daily challenges and our spiritual walk and how the bible tells us to trust in the lord our God in all things. Mentally and physically drained the Q forgot the give the corresponding scriptures, but here they are.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 – Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Romans 12:15 – Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.




At the finale of Tuesdays Q, no one was really excited about taking Q on Wednesday, so YHC decided that he would do it and give the PAX the options of what was to come in the gloom.  A “poll” was put up on our Comm site and options were as follows:  Run Heavy (receiving two votes), Core Heavy (3 votes), Upper Heavy (0 votes), Lower Heavy (0 votes), Fun/easy/normal/boring (receiving 0 votes) and Don’t Care Bring the Pain (6 votes).  YHC took this as a clear sign that at least two people (ones voting to run) were in need of a reminder that YHC HATES running so It was decided it was time for a good ole fashion Core Day beat down.

The Thang

Warm up:

15 Burpees out the gate

Grass Getters


SSH x 25 (heard Fieri and Sniff starting to get worried with the pace YHC was setting)


Core Day Excersies

Big Boys x 25 oyo

RBC x 25 in cadence

LBC x 25 oyo

Flutter Kicks x 25 in cadence – slowed some down

Dolly x 25 in cadence

Break from Core to HIGH KNEES for 30 sec

Rosalitas x 25 in cadence (YHC lost count and Airball called him out)

Dolly Whips x 25 oyo

Rosalita whips x 20 in cadence (Catdaddy was not happy here)

Mountain Climbers x 25 in cadence

Break from Core to HIGH KNEES for 45 secs

Sweat Angels x 25 (excellent DEMO was provided)

Rollups x 25

Pulses x 25

Mosey around block to the breezeway (Buttermakers name for day got changed to George of the Jungle at this point- “Watch out for that Tree!”)


100 Big Boys

200 Rollups

300 Flutter Kicks (Sparty was very excited about the flutter kicks- said it was a great idea)

NASCAR Finish with Fieri and Airball in a slight lead, however HOSE called a “CAR!!!!” warning getting the others to hold up while he took the checkered flag!


Was stated that Everyone liked the new Q format of scheduling on Group Me.  Hose explained how to get to it on the App and then discussion about BB was initiated.  Website looks much better with some content.

Took the PAX out with excerpt from “Playing on Gods Team” by T. C. Stallings; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 speaking from a D1 athletes perspective of what makes him successful on the field is the same type of effort that it takes to be a real Christian.  Question was posed to PAX, “where does your effort lay in your relationship with Christ.”



The PAX:  Abraham, Iceman, Catdaddy, Buttermaker, Mayheim, Vega

YHC was enticed by AO Leader Abraham into Q status this am.  Admittedly I did ask for an exception in the time allowing me to double down with Chainsaws sponsored 5k in Summerton.  So in 100% prevention mode I didn’t want to plan a big workout with a big run (didn’t really think that one through to well) …

The Thang

Warm up started precisely at 0600hrs (Mayhem was late so I was paying attention):

25 SSH

Grass Getters

50 LBC

20 Flutter Kicks

40 Merkins

** Special note ** no Batwings for Mayhem

Then we took a small mossey to the basketball court where YHC had some surprises waiting.

You see YHC and some of my fellow F3ers have embarked on a challenge dubbed the Trifecta though Spartan races (Mr. Chow def sucks for enlightening us about this). So At the basketball court YHC had a tire flipping station, Battle Hoses, 50 lbs bucket carry and then another house of pain at the picnic shed.

Paired up:




Tire Flip (8x forward 8x back)

Bucket Carry (1 lap around basketball court)

battle Ropes (until bucket carry guys were done)

mosey to shed then 10/10/10/10 (incline/decline/dips/pullups)

Mosey back to BB court for a rinse and repeat

3 revolutions

YHC called an audible (had 5 revolutions planned) and went into a small session of TABATA

Tabata session

3 20 sec rounds per exercise

*  LBC


*  RBC



Then transitioned to a Deck of cards (max of 10 reps)

Spades = Merkins

Hearts = Squats

Clubs =  Roselita whips

Diamonds = big boys

we got through most of the deck then Mossied back to Glory


YHC took pack out with a WOD about Perseverance, citing John 16:33, Romans 7, Hebrews 6:19 and Romans 5:2-5).


The PAX: Sniff, Airball, Abraham, Pusher, Hose, Iceman, Buttermaker, Cold Call, Cat Daddy, Bluegrass, High-test, Vega
YHC woke up in a terrible mood, and after cheers and jeers from the other members commenting on the two previous morning from Sniff’s ACHIN’ LEGS to Uga’s DICE game in the gloom, we were all sore in spots we were not use to. YHC took this as a personal challenge and proceeded to lead the PAX in the following wallowing:
The Thang
Warm up started a little different this AM:
15 Burpees
Grass Getters
50 LBC
25 Flutter Kicks
15 Sweat Angles (thanks UGA for the new movement)
30 SSH
40 LBC
20 Flutter Kicks
10 SA
25 SSH
30 LBC (Buttermakers 2nd wine of the day)
15 Flutter Kicks
10 SA
Then Started the Trek on the Holy Trinity:
Mosey to the Presbyterian Church and proceeded with the following 3 movements: (Airball almost got YHC killed by a Ford needing Blinker Fluid)
40/40/40 Merkins/Squats/Big Boys (yes that is Big Boys)
30/30/15 Merkins/Squats/Big Boys (Audible called)
20/20/10 Merkins/Squats/Big Boys (Cat Daddy didn’t keep count and did to many BB)
Mosey to Methodist Church:
Due to time constraints had to increase reps and decrease # of rounds to 1
50/50/50 Carolina Dry Dock/Squats/RBC (Bluegrass was really excited about Squats)
Mosey to Baptist Church Breezeway:
20/20/20 Dips/Squats/Declines
NASCAR FINISH TO GLORY (Hose took turn 4 to wide and let Airball sneak past on the inside)
Announcements -Oct 13 color run sponsored by Chainsaw. Abraham putting together a “mission” of help to some in Nichols area after the disaster of Hurricane Florence (more to come).
YHC took the PAX out with a brief WOD 1 Peter 4: 7-8 “The end of all things is near. Therefore be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Route 66 with Bricks (and a Saturday attendance record)

Date:  7/28/18

Q.I.C. Abraham

The PAX: Bluegrass, Cat Daddy, Fieri, Buttermaker, Sniff, Miley, Tofu, Ice Man, Mr. Chow, Tricycle, Chainsaw, Decaf, Omaha, Airball, Dial Tone, Hose, Hangnail (FNG), Pusher, Abraham

Conditions: Not hot, in the 70s, but have mercy was it humid!

This whole thing was Airball’s fault. First, last Saturady after we had a good pre-run at 5:30, he suggested we could have another pre-run this morning, even though the workout was scheduled to start an hour earlier! Who would do that??? (turns out YHC would – more on that later). Then Airball starts asking for a Route 66 workout on our Group Me account. He wasn’t the Q; what’s he doing asking? Mind your own business, for goodness sake. But turns out, what Airball wants, Airball gets. The man just has authority, kinda like the old E. F Hutton commercials. Buttermaker & Cat Daddy are old enough to remember those: “When E. F. Hutton speaks, people listen . .  .” Well, I hate to admit it, but when Airball speaks, YHC listens. So, a pre-run it was, at 5:00AM no less, followed by (you guessed it) a Route 66 workout. Yep, what Airball wants, Airball gets.

Warm-up (This happened after 7 PAX met for the 3 mile or thereabout pre-run. Omaha ran it in a weight vest! Studly.)

The warm-up was the usual stuff. You know, SSHs but not a gazillion of them. If you want that many post when Ice Man or Vega is Qing. YHC is more tame. SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Peter Pakers, Imperial Strom Troopers, stuff like that. Bottom line, we warmed up because you’re suppose to, you know, warm up.

The Thang

After the warm up, mosey over to Dial Tone’s truck for each PAX to grab two bricks apiece. Not enough bricks? No worries. Hose had some 2.5 lbs weights in his truck, so those who didn’t get bricks got weights from the new Daddy Hose (welcome to the world F.B. Jones III, who will be called Wells!)

When all the PAX had two bricks or weights we lit out on a Route 66 workout. 11 stops with 6 exercises at each stop on a route from J. C. Britton Park, Manning Jr. High, Manning High, and back to the park. Bricks were carried the entire route and used during the exercises. The exercises were Merkins, Lunges, Squats, Mtn. Climbers, LBCs, & (of course) burpees. At the first stop, one rep of each exercise. At the second stop, 2 reps. Third stop, 3 reps. And so until the 11th stop where we did 11 reps.

Total reps = 396

Miles covered = 3.3

Mumblechattered bitching & complaints = infinite


A great morning, if YHC may say so. Gotta admit, Airball had the perfect vision for a challenging morning: nice little pre-run, followed by a tough route workout.

Observations along the way: Our new guys are all in. Tofu, Miley, Chainsaw, Sniff (he’s kinda, sorta new) are tough dudes intent on getting better. They’ll stick.

The FNG is a stud. Hangnail can hang. Y’all see him running up near the front? He’s got “it.” When you got “it” – watch out. He’ll be pushing the Piss Ant soon. Somebody needs to.

Sign that the apocalypse is upon us: Pusher attended a Saturady workout! And coffeeteria. The end must be near. (Hope you can do this more often Pushy; your presence adds a lot.)

Mr. Chow is injured? He  doesn’t act like it. Impressive performance.

Is Fieri ALWAYS in a good mood???

Doesn’t appear Hose lost any fitness during his hiatus from F3. Was he really gone?

Who’s that man on the bicycle? Why, it’s Tricycle on the bicycle. KOTTERS, Trike.

Secretly, deep down inside, Buttermaker loves and respects Omaha. But, you’d never know it.

Cat Daddy has become a runner. He won’t admit it, but it’s true. So has Bluegrass. Bluegrass can do anything, apparently. Athlete.

Thanks, Omaha, for leading the way on the Route 66. How’d you do that after running the same route earlier in a weight vest? (His youth doesn’t account for it all. He’s just flat out awesome.)


YHC quoted Hebrews 12:1-2, the “great cloud of witnesses” passage. They are watching. Don’t let them down. My father is in that cloud; has been since I was 12. Can’t disappoint him. Who is in your cloud? Make them proud.

Great day, gentlemen. It was a honor and privilege to lead you this morning. Thank you.



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